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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 106: Turn 113: August 12, 1943

Lots of guards promotions this turn, probably because I took a lot of casualties last turn assaulting German forts in the north which weakened some guards formations.

And our mechanized corps upgrade to their '44 ToE which means less T-70's, more T-34's and more self-propelled weapons. All around this is a great upgrade.

The Germans have hung around for a turn, let's see what we can do to them.

Another hex taken at Koenigsberg, now comes the hard part. To assault the city I need the hex to the northeast which means I'll have to take it with an attack from only a single hex. Luckily I have all the time in the world to grind these forces down so there's no rush.

The Volkhov and Leningrad fronts absolutely shred the German line, driving them back 20 miles with relatively light losses. This river I'm driving them over is the last line of defense before the Oder so there's not much further to go.

Further south my assaults are stopped cold by the minor river. It's difficult to assault across a river after moving through enemy controlled hexes so this will have to wait for next turn.

I'm in contact along a decent length of line here but the Germans are starting to dig in and there's a shitload of rivers down here.

3 hexes are taken but I'm unable to force the germans back wherever the control a river. I throw away a lot of soldiers baiting out panzer activations but I'm not really able to capitalize on them.

Pushing hrough the mountains towards huge German force. All I can see from here is that there's a shitload of counters, I can't tell what shape they're in but I've got a feeling these aren't the best divisions the Germans have to offer.

The Kalinin front detrains behind the lines in the midst of my armor buildup, hopefully I'll be able to put these to use next week.

Huge buildup outside Prague. The plan now is to push for the western edge of the map and then keep swinging north.

Grabbing as much free territory as I can, these German divisions actually look like they're in better shape than I anticipated.

My cavalry continues to grind west hex by hex, there's no panzers this far south and the infantry is ragged. The Germans will have to reinforce if they want to keep this line.

South of Vienna the slow, slow grind into the mountains continues. You can also just barely see the Southwestern front arriving in the region, they will be ready to fight in a turn or two.

Perhaps wary of my buildup south of the city the Germans pull back out of Posen, giving me the city.

Down in Bohemia they actually retake some territory, pushing forward to check my advance towards Prague.

German OoB continues to fall.

Except for the tanks.