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Part 1009: Operational Report: 10/09/44

Huge numbers of the night bombers get lost, but a few make it through.

I mis-select Tokyo as a target for the Guam bombers, so this is a good thing.

The Planes that do find their targets lose a plane a raid, but shoot down a Japanese fighter or two each time.

Once again, my computer has a moment, and I miss a sub getting three torps into a tanker.

Bingo! The Japanese carriers are back! I have timed this sweep to perfection! Their first wave attacks our ships, but cannot break through the CAP.

Our attack sweeps through their CAP, and finds the Yamato as part of the fleet with two more fleet carriers and the Kongo! we strike them hard, but the massed flak rips into our planes.

They also find time to hit some supply ships at Iwo-jima.

The second task force does not send out any bombers, and come the afternoon, the unprotected ships at Iwo-jima seem to be the better target.

They also hit Chichi-jima, wreaking three more ships.

On the ground, we continue to drive forward at Koepang.

The Pagan defenders are starting to collapse.

We catch up with the Ching Mai troops, and send them running again with heavy losses.

We break another Japanese force in china with a very one sided result.

Well, that was a day! I'm not sure why my second carrier group didn't send in any planes, but I've reset their orders in case they bugged out. We gain another 880 points.

We only get a few ships on the sheet. But I can follow up the carriers and finish them off tomorrow. Its good to know where the Yamato is.
The Task force that engaged was task force II. The guys who launched no attacks included the Enterprise.

Good going B team!