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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1017: Operational Report: 18/09/44

Our Strikes at Nagoya all fail to find a target. This is better than the Kyoto bombers, who don't even find their still burning target. Or maybe they wanted a night off, and knew that the fires will do the work for them.

The Avengers take another crack at the cruiser, but once more fail to get any hits.

The daylight bombers get a few hits.

That's until we hit Sapporo, which we once more cause a large number of fires once more.

The Express hits its targets once more.

We butcher Japanese planes over Prome.

To the south, we see a large number of enemy bombers – but even more of our own planes! Shame we don't get a few more kills there.

The Japanese have another carrier in the area around Pagan. Shame I need to wait for my own ships to refuel before I can send them out again – but it looks like they are losing a lot of planes to just the flak!

As our men march into Peiping, we blow an assault away in Tientsin.

Then our men make their shock attack in Peiping. This goes disastrously wrong, and I think the next meat grinder in china has begun. Someone make a note for the wiki.

Deep in Thailand, we clear another roadblock unit on our way to Bangkok.

Owch, that was a painful day for our Chinese forces. I need to get a load more men up there, but for now, I'll switch to bombarding and hoping they attack us. This is the van, the main force is four hexes to the west, so a month or so away.
The first carrier is heading north once more.