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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1029: Operational Report: 30/09/44

Another night, another load of fires lit for the poor, freezing people of Nagoya.

The Japanese slam more planes into the Urrupu-jima supply ships.

The next waves are dealt with by fighters, taking care of nearly 20 planes.

Our Avengers do their jobs once more.

The Grunion goes after a carrier, but misses with her torps.

Our carriers finally engage, but the huge wave of planes fails to get a single hit on the two carriers or the Ise.

Annoyed at this inefficiency, a single Avenger from Tinian, with a few fighter escort, puts them to shame.

The massed bombing raids go out again, battering at the Japanese.

A squadron of Mozzies goes out to support the Chinese troops advancing through Thailand.

The Japanese throw away another thousand men at Moulmein.

We smash the Japanese forces away south of Peiping. The number of squads destroyed is huge, and I shall advance across the river before turning north and assaulting the city once more.

In Vietnam, we advance once more, I would like Siagon before the end of the year.

We hit another carrier, but I want more! And we lost a fair few planes in the north, I have to wonder why the Japanese have not used those planes to supress the northern airfield.

I think naming the Zuiho may be a little optimistic, but I'll let them crow for now.