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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1075: Operational Report: 15/11/44

The fleeing Japanese are hounded by my bombers.

We continue to unload troops onto Babledoab, and we bomb the enemy positions once more. I want the airfields here however, to allow me to bomb the targets in the Philippines.

This surprises me however, I was expecting them to put up more of a fight. But this means I can think about moving bombers across sooner than I thought!

Our men advancing on Saigon watch as the Japanese ignore them and bomb the empty airfield.

Another day, and another base falls into my hands. I have men planning for invasions of various parts of the Philippines, so the next wave can come fairly soon.
129 planes destroyed at Babledoab is fantastic. That's the only place I can think that many operational losses can come from.
Guess what? I our men have also reached Saigon, and that battle begins tomorrow.