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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1101: Operational Report: 11/12/44

My bombardment fleet arrives and does its work – they wreak the airfield, start fires in the city and damage or destroy near a hundred planes.

The carriers then follow up on this damage with their own strike.


High level bombing attempt number 1. 0 hits for one loss.

They do clear the way for the liberators to hit though.

A second wave of B-29's do get hits, so it seems like I have reached the point where I can bombard Tokyo by day from here on out!

A better day for the bombing, and bombarding, I'll send the battleships back in tomorrow, and then we should be landing troops. Lets see what my preparation brings. The bombing is netting us about 200 points a day at the moment, but that may rise as our men get their bombing runs lined up.
I'm also sending a carrier force south the intercept that Battleship.

Is this the Ambon invasion?