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Part 1122: Operational Report: 01/01/45

We drive off some more enemy planes, meanwhile, I'm using that shot up invasion force to drop small number of troops at undefended bases – so far, its netted us two free bases!

We continue to support Davao with the bombers.

We also pick off another cargo ship trying to flee Cagayan.

We also do some serious damage to a couple of tankers.

We continue to push on in the ground combat.

I have a go at hitting Yokohama, but at this hight, I can do little damage.

The Libs I send in on a low level attack one Sendai – this costs me a plane, but is massively effective!

We send the enemy forces north of Vietnam fleeing with heavy losses once more, the advance north continues.

Welcome to 1945! shrug off that hangover, because its time to win this war! How do we start that? By losing 33 points this turn!
Damn scoring system.

Well, with some ups and downs over the last month, we still managed to increase our lead by 5500 points and now need 36,000 points to win. That's eight months or so at that rate. I need to speed things up! 4000 points were added by strategic bombing.

We took ten bases this month, which is nice, and we are defiantly reducing the Japanese hold on the Pacific.

The Japanese lost 589 points worth of troops last month, compared to our 423, but I fear we will never make up out early war losses.

Its been a brutal month in the air, with both sides losing around 1200 points worth of planes.

Ship losses show the Japanese losing 40 ships and 20 more than we have. As always I should point out that's full losses on my side, and only confirmed losses on the Japanese side. In points this equates to only a 67 point lead for us, as the Ticonderoga cost me big.

And here is the map, little inroads now, as we are taking bases close together, rather than islands that net me large spaces of sea.

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