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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1135: Operational Report: 14/01/45

The Japanese go in hard for my carriers – trying to take me out with over sixty fighters protecting their bombers. But this is the Enterprise group – they have been doing this for three years, and eat Japanese planes for breakfast.

Unfortunately, our own attacks are not fairing well.

We strike Rahaeng again, they are taking heavy losses here to these bombers.

Once again, the enemy forces at Tavoy throw themselves at our forces, trying to dislodge this unit before the main force arrives. But there is little chance of that working with these losses.

We really seem to have cut down the bombers over Maebashi, and the bombers do a load of damage. I might send in the B-29's as well tomorrow.

We take another base, there will soon be only a few Japanese units left in this area. When you are destroying units, the end is nigh. These are airfield units as well, so ones the Japanese don't want to lose.

We also cause heavy losses to the forces left in Kiangtu.

Things are going well, I have more invasion forces coming in, so we will be seeing some more landings soon. Air to air losses are really in our favour. The bombers and other units are helping us score some nice points.