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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1141: Operational Report: 20/01/45

We continue to hit Rahaeng.

The second division is up now, and they make their presence felt.

The Liberators do their work once more.

The Japanese continue to attack our ships at Legaspi.

One planes gets through and clips the radar dish of the Wisconsin.

I order a shock attack at Legaspi, and it works perfectly. The base is ours, and we can begin to march north.

I repeat this trick in the south, with even greater results.

As part of the balance, I order an attack at Kiukiang, seeing that I had a 1000AV advantage. It is now enough.

That was a totally brutal day – most of my losses in China were disrupted squads though, and I may well move these units to the front where they can do some good, rather than a siege I am now sure I cannot win.
Everywhere else, the Japanese lost heavily. We are now below 34,000 points to win.