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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1143: Operational Report: 22/01/45

The Japanese try and raid Pagan. This ends poorly, but I have to wonder what those subs are doing.....

I'm going to push towards Java, and this is my next target – the carriers are already there to absorb any planes the enemy have.

The Japanese lose their daily quota of air planes.

They try for Legaspi, and we do the same there.

The bombers are really doing a number to these depleted units now. Their actually destroying units.

The Japanese put up more of a fight at Tavoy today, but I have a plan to deal with that.

I'm going to give the bombers a day or two off, to allow them to replace and repair their losses.

A quieter day, a bit of bombing, more planes shot down, pretty much business as usual. I move a lot of ships around – plenty more landing craft, but I'm running low on large units – I need more divisions.