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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1148: Operational Report: 27/01/45

Well, lets start the day off with a miss shall we. The Haddo circles around after this and takes another try – and misses again!

The Kingfish has a better idea of what its doing, but at least this shows that the rebasing to Guam is complete.

The bombers come in and do a little damage.

The Naga force has a day of hard fighting, but breaks the enemy's fortifications.

Port Blair is attacked, and they do a number on the runway – not that this one is much use to me.

We sink a couple of mine sweepers.

The troops at Makassar break the enemy, causing heavy losses and clearing out two squadrons of aircraft from the airfield.

Our troops have advanced north, and the enemy try and hound them.

We start unloading troops at Cebu, and this invasion force runs into trouble.

There is a much larger force here than my recon lead me to expect.

Tavoy falls to our troops, and I begin the march south to the next base. The Japanese losses are especially heavy here.

So, I take two major bases, kill thousands of Japanese and sink many ships, so I must have gained a lot of points right? Nope, because once more, for no reason, the base points have dropped by over three hundred. -28 for a good day eh?