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War in the Pacific

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Part 1165: Operational Report: 13/02/45

The Sawfish feels brave enough to make a surface attack on a Japanese ship.

The Bluefish follows this up by hitting an oiler!

The bombers are up in small numbers, but still doing some damage.

The runway gets us several kills again.

Hitting the airfield at Mergui is a good idea – they actually have a CAP up today! Not that it helps them. This is the largest of many small raids.

I pulled the damaged battleships out of the invasion force, so the Renown is left to absorb the damage.

The Japanese send everything they have at us, and we lose a ship. But the Japanese losses are heavy.

A torpedo attack takes out another ship, after several smaller raids heap on the damage.

You guys know I'm only doing this to give you something to complain about right? I have a reputation for incompetence to maintain!

Then, out of nowhere, a Japanese carrier appears, intel reports squadrons from the Akagi present, and in what seems to be a bad month for battleships, the Tennessee is her target.

We advance forwards and take Chihfeng. This has developed into a second superstack.

While the number of ships lost is a nightmare, looking at the Japanese air losses for the day, you have to say it was an effective way of drawing out their planes.
They lost 206 planes in suicide attacks, and I'll be generous and say that 50% hit, add the 41 shot down and the 103 hit on the ground in Burma, and that's a bad day for the Japanese. Overall we gained 250 points.

Ship wise, we lost about a hundred points.