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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1169: Operational Report: 17/02/45

Our carriers arrive of Hokkaido, and begin to sweep the island.

They then sink two destroyers and a oiler.

In a feat of carrier syncronisity, we also run into the Japanese carrier. They get their raid off first, but we take it out with ease.

We strike hard. We blast through the CAP and hit the two fleet carriers! Two! That's most of their remaining ships.

In the afternoon, we hit them again, the torpedo hit on the Shinano causes a reported ammunition explosion.

The ships at Bali are hit hard today.

And it seems like we have nowhere near the troops we need.

We take Dobo, but oddly I get a combat report for somewhere with no enemy soldiers.

This happens again at Bima, but at least I can show you us taking these bases!

We have taken Busuanga, but the ships get hit today.

The Japanese Av at Tientsin is dropping rapidly, and the base in the south falls to us without a fight.

Many bases fell to us this turn, and it has been bloody at sea – for both sides unfortunately.

I doubt that we got the Shinano, but we will get her and the Akagi tomorrow!