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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1188: Operational Report: 08/03/45

Another Japanese sub is depth charged.

The carriers continue to wreak the Japanese oil transport capabilities.

This is a job that their doing well.

Then the escort carrier squadron nips in with some blatant kill stealing.

So the carriers switch targets.

The Tennessee collects a few fighters.

The Japanese lose 400 men in their bombardment phase, then we attack at Balikpapan.

We get some good hits in on the Manila airfield.

We also continue to beat on the enemy forces in Atimonan.

We get a load more kills, and manage to get some supplies ashore at Urrupu-jima without being attacked.
And the base points drop by another 750 points. Leaving me with a net 350 point loss.

This is here to make me feel better about arbitrary base point losses.