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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1189: Operational Report: 09/03/45

The Conger is ambushed by a Japanese sub.

With some supplies in, the Urrupu-jima bombers start up again.

Its not many fires, but at least we should score some points.

We send off another attack on our ships.

The second wave drops some bombs, but misses.

The advance north continues to be stalled by dogged Japanese defenders.

I've sent some men to Legaspi to break the deadlock there. They attack today, and while they cause few casualties, they destroy an enemy formation.

The 96th Infantry Division arrives at Butuan and destroys the defenders there. Three more units are destroyed by attrition.

We try and suppress the airfield at Soerabaja.

The carriers take out another tanker and its escort.

We reduce the fort level at Balikpapan, and take a step towards victory here.

One of my stacks arrives at Murkden – one of the 1000 point cities. Unfortunately they take heavy losses storming across the river.

Some serious ground combat today, with some points up for grabs. We destroyed several units today, which always makes me happy.
Losing ANOTHER 400 BASE POINTS does not.