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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1208: Operational Report: 28/03/45

The Japanese land more men at Kiangtu, into the waiting guns.

The pitiful force at Mukden holds our for another day, and I need to rest my troops.

We get another hit in.

I'm going to have to stop attacks here until I can reopen that supply line.

“Oh grey, where are the Thunderbolt?”
Here Bitches.

“Where are the P-51's?”
There here as well, but they are a little outnumbered – but still kicking ass.

YAMATO! get some fish into her now!

The same convoy is hit again, this time, no sign of her.

Bam! Take that!

We take out 250 Japanese in the bombardment phase, then blast 150 squads in the attack phase – that's going to hurt their AV come tomorrow.

Less air combat today, but we still had a fair few ships go down. The modern fighters in the area should be able to help out though.

Still not nice.
I hope I can balance this up with the Yamato.