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War in the Pacific

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Part 121: Operational Report: 06/04/42

The Finbackis finding that the cruiser Mogami seems to be blessed.

I now Really, Really, Really want to sink this ship. But is seems that the Finback may have left port with a whole complement of defective torpedoes.

Over Port Moresby, seven of our fighters fail to shoot down a single bomber in an unescorted raid.

Soreabaja is attacks by a masses force of nearly 50,000 Japanese soldiers, and while they take heavy losses, they do manage to destroy the last of the fortifications.

But after this, the engineers work like demons and complete a new set, meaning the Japanese have another layer to break through.

Guadalcanal continues to go well, as we continue to pound the inexperienced, ill prepared defenders.

Eniwetok is now totally useless as an airbase, but the enemy continue to bomb the place.

Comilla, a lightly defended base north of Chattagong, is attacked today, we meet it with only one Fulmar. Predictably its shot down.

South of Hangchow, our forces are pushed back by a division of enemy forces, it looks like the race to the coast in this part of China is over.

While at the south coast, we take Swatow and have now isolated a whole number of cities from land supply – Hong Kong continued.

It won't stop any sea transport, but it does mean we can threaten Hong Kong.

The enemy sweep up a few more undefended bases in Sumatra and Dutch New Guinea that I didn't report, but our own attacks are still going well.

I've not got much to talk about today, the carriers have arrived at Wake, so the next raid should get a shock, but most of my plans are waiting on ships to move to their destinations.

Bruni is one of our last two bases in northern Borneo, and I'm amazed its not been taken yet.