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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1210: Operational Report: 30/03/45

That bloody cruiser is back again, and its like a cat amongst the pigeons of my landing craft. This is unfortunately one of many attacks – the Japanese use motorboats and destoryers to hit this force several times.

One of my task forces that was savaged earlier has enough troops to take these poorly defended islands, so I begin landing troops.

The Redfish hits a Japanese ship.

We hit the cruiser base again, but get no hits.

Then we find where the Yamato has limped to, and make sure she never leaves.

This is the kind of Japanese attack we are seeing today.

We take another crack at the cruisers in the afternoon.

Wakkanai becomes the third homeland base to fall in a day. This includes taking out the fortress there.

A brutal day of fighting at Soreabaja sees us advance a little, and we cause more long term damage than we receive.

Semarang will be ours soon enough, we have a crushing advantage here.

The battle for Murkden continues. I kinda want this before the end of the month.

The Imperial Air Force takes a day off, but the Imperial Navy comes on strong – not strong enough to stop me sinking the god damn Yamato however!

The fall of Wakkanai gives me three bases, and even with ship losses, I now have a good number of troops ashore, and the enemy can't challenge me in the air – at least until a week passes and they can replace all their hundreds of lost planes!

At least each of my ships was worth only one point each!