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Part 1242: Operational Report: 01/05/45

Lets start the morning with more suicide attacks on CVE's. Although this is the CAP's fault.

We hit the enemy again at Mauban, and you can see the main force has advanced up as well.

The bombers start up again.

We hit 100k again. In fact in waves after this we hit 110k! Still no reports of a firestorm however.

We march into Ashikawa and only the Japanese forts stop us from taking the city. Whether they can hold us tomorrow is another thing.

Some Auzzies, in search of beer, get ahead of the main group and have to hold off an attack by the main enemy force left on Java.

Somehow the Japanese AV here has doubled overnight!

It looks like we will be taking another Japanese homeland base fairly soon. That ones worth seven hundred points! From there its a quick march to Sapporo with its 1000 points and then on to another 600 point target!

This hurts us today. Most of those ships are lost due to attrition damage from the Japanese defenders.

Right, first up Mukden still hold out, so I'm a sorry sorry boy.

This months haul, 5722 points to the Japanese 1373. This puts us 29,593 points away from winning the game.

We took 16 bases, and gained 1600 base points, the Japanese LOST 450 base points, most of them in the last few days.

The air war saw us losing 900 planes to the Japanese 1550.

Its even worse on the ground, where our losses of 372 points is against their 1292 – Pretty much three to one losses!

At Sea we lost 34 ships, the Japanese lost 86. Once more we over double the kills to our losses. - Although in points value we only come out 150 points ahead.

In fact the only disappointment is my strategic bombing campaign. You can see how it took off with the Shanghai Express, then exploded with the taking of Guam and the surrounding islands, but now I'm at the bottom of my bomber pools, and its plateauing.

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Not much change here, but we cleared out a load of backwaters, so I've cut Japanese sea power.