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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1243: Operational Report: 02/05/45

The Japanese planes come in once more.

We gun them down in good numbers across numerous small raids.

We have marched troops up into Batangas, and the Japanese immediately attack us. We hit them hard however, and half of the attackers are taken out.

We counter attack, and while its costly, its much worse for the Japanese.

To the east, we continue to grind down the Mauban defenders.

The Japanese suicide some bombers over our part of their islands. Like the Philippines they come in in lots of small raids.

The Mitchell's mix things up and wreak a Japanese sub.

The Japanese troops at Asahikawa are not able to hold us back, and we take the city.

We find and pick off another tanker.

Mukden holds out for another day.

More of Hokkido is in my hands- and that's a 700 point base! Time to march on to Sapporo now! The Japanese have marched their only combat capable division to the far side of the island and we have now cut its supply line.
We now stand on the boundary of 29,000 points to win.