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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1249: Operational Report: 08/05/45

The Destroyers raid our ships once more – this time they go right for the CVE's – all my other ships are powerless to prevent one getting sunk and the other being crippled. We do destroy one of the attackers, but my captains are all in trouble.

After this they send in the Betties, but these planes are not the terrors they were in the early war.

Hey! This is my favourite type of attack!

The Japanese try and support their faltering troops in Sapporo, but we gun them down.

This is one less raider.

At Sapporo, we are doing some serious damage to the enemy.

What the hell is wrong with the CVE's! Seriously, the AI seems to hate them more than battleships!

Massive none-combat losses at Batangas, and they are low on supplies!

Same old, same old.

Owch, that was a bad day for the expendables.

Ah well, its not like the British have a navy to support.