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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1295: Operational Report: 23/06/45

The sweeps go in first over Maebashi.

We clear the sky of enemy planes.

By the time the bombers go in, the skies are clear.

This tactic gives me a very low loss rate.

And we break the 100k fire barrier.

Then the 200k barrier.

A ship! From later reports we learn it is full of oil. Which is now burning.

Burn burn burn!

Our shipping comes under attack, but we quickly deal with the attackers.

We make another attack on Manila, killing more of their men, its more the number of disabled squads that give me hope.

Lets take a look at the results of the firebombing, remembering that the fires will cause more damage overnight, we gained 54 points of strat points, but 111 points overall, and our losses are mainly operational.

We'll hit them again tomorrow, and if that does not net us many points, I'll switch to hitting facilities.

Volmarias posted:

Well you're a few years late on that one if I recall. Or did that abortive CoC game get started up again?

Nah, I'm plotting a live game at some point.