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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 134: Operational Report: 19/04/42

The task force I mentioned yesterday sails into range of Wake, where it encounters our resupply convoy.

Both sets of captains decide that they need to protect their charges rather than risking everything trying to sink the enemy ships.

The planes from the Yorktown have no such problems.

They hit the troop transports mercilessly, and leave them burning and most likely sinking.

Or sunk in some cases.

One of our destroyers is nearly hit by a torpedo, and then spends some time hunting the Japanese sub.

We can't confirm a kill, but we may have damaged her.

Diamond Harbour is raided once more, but our Hurricanes lead by Wigglesworth are there to deal with them.

The planes over Chittagong are nowhere near as effective.

China had the day off. There were ineffective bombardment attacks across the front, as the Japanese try to reorganise themselves after days of shock assaults.
The Japanese lose another ship, with more crippled.
Yesterday I mentioned I would have to move the Yorktown to get new planes. It turns out that I was reading the odd planes that she had picked up from the other carriers ditching her planes, rather than her own compliment – she still has 70 planes on board, with two thirds of her sorties and torpedoes remaining.
Apparently I just forgot how to read the sheets.