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Part 135: Operational Report: 20/04/42

Denpasar comes under attack from three squadrons of bombers. The port is badly damaged, but I consider this to be a good thing, as it'll make it harder for the Japanese to use if when they take the island.

I wonder how their getting on with mine filled Soerbaja harbour?

The enemy avoid attacking the Yorktown and send in their planes to the airfield at Wake.

They lose one plane, but manage to blow one of the planes left on the island by the crippled Saratoga.
Our own planes continue to hunt the ships retreating from their failed Wake attack.

The troops retreating northward are harassed by enemy bombers again today, but the casualties are limited.

For some reason the invasion force takes another crack at Luganville.

This goes about as well as last time did.

But at least the defenders manage to hold on this time to the beachhead.

Sinyang is back to normal now.

That feels better, I was worried we'd get forced back.
Kiukiang also enjoys another day of Japanese killing.

Not much to say about today, the assault on Luganville is apparently going to go ahead whether I say so or not, so lets see how it pans out.