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Part 138: Operational Report: 23/04/42

The Greyling switches back to torpedoes today.

I guess he'll be back to his gun tomorrow.

The Japanese attack the supply base in China once more today.

The Japanese also seem to really want Pakhoi, as they are making their third landing here.

While the enemy make a large assault on Sinyang, taking especially heavy losses.

At Kaifeng, the enemy continue to mop up our defenders, taking thousands into captivity.

To the north, we start another attack, and make good ground.

The Japanese have spotted the Revenge, and launch an ineffective attack on her.

While our dive bombers, who have been escorted for every mission that does not meet any hostile planes, of course get no support when they run into two squadrons of Oscars.

The afternoon raid solves this problem somewhat, but the number of enemies overwhelm our planes, and we lose two for the one enemy kill.

A smaller strike does manage to get a hit in on at least one enemy ship.

Well, the bombers out of Port Moresby had a bad day, but its been a fairly quiet day today.

But there is some good news – the Lexington is now back in action and fully resupplied. I've given her an escort and sent her off to Wake, ready for the next Japanese attack.

This will give us two carriers in the area. The Saratoga is now on its way back to the west coast, and the Enterprise is a couple of days out from reaching Pearl Harbour for some repairs.