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War in the Pacific

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Part 140: Operational Report: 25/04/42

Another raid on our supply base meets our brave Chinese pilots.

There is a carrier in the Dutch East Indies, and it hits one of our Darwin based supply convoys.

That Taskforce I mentioned yesterday is a carrier force.

I'm sure the Junyo is a new ship, but I'm also sure Asset Tracking will correct me. Whatever its status, we get a hit on her and secondary explosions are reported. We do lose an number of planes to do this, but its worth it.
I get worried to see our anaemic CAP.

But the Yorktown comes through unscathed, and we bag a number of enemy planes for our own losses of one.

We assault Tsiaotso again, and net some more of the defenders for light losses on our side.

In the North, we shatter the Japanese forces and send them fleeing into the mountains near Paotow.

Another carrier comes into play, and we get a good hit on her.
The Japanese number of ships sunk jumps up by four today, due to improved Intelligence reports for the last four months.

The Oi is the key ship on this list, and is worth 28 points to us.

At Wake, The Japanese carrier is now in range of a sally from our cruisers, as long as she does not turn back for home.

I've grabbed all the cruisers I can spare for this. I really want to get a confirmed carrier kill.

Notice the “absolute threat tolerance” section of the list, this means that they will not retreat at all, this should allow us to overwhelm the enemy, but risks the ships.

Lets get us a carrier!