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Part 142: Operational Report: 27/04/42


Off Japan, the enemy destroyers make a few unsuccessful attacks on the Plunger.

I think this is the most bloody battle we've seen in the war so far.

Fifteen thousand men killed or captured in a major offensive in the north. While in the south, we take Shaohing once more in what seems to be an eternal back and forth battle.

The ships in Port Moresby flee the approaching battleships, and make it into the open sea and safety.

while the Banshee's hit another transport in Lae.

There are reports of carriers in the Dutch East Indies, as there is a small raid from a Mataram.

And another south of Soerabaja.

This is the first time I've ever used the even ticker from the turn, but it comes up with some useful information.

The bloody Junyo is still afloat.

The enemy planes come in over Wake itself, but the Yorktown is not there, she is off to the north west hunting the Junyo – a good call by me in not believing Intelligence.
With no planes to protect her, our own bombers go in hard, and lay into the crippled ship.

There are two seperate fuel storage explosions reported, and two torpedo hits below the water line on the ship, who also has her flight deck shredded by the bombs.
When the planes return in the afternoon, the Junyo is nowhere to be seen.

The day is not all ours though, as one of those Japanese subs once more gets through our destroyer screen.

Its not a carrier this time, but she's still the most valuable ship in the task force.
There is also bad news from Kwajalein.

Frankly, I'm amazed they didn't do this weeks ago.

Chittagong comes under attack again.

I think its time for Wigglesworth to stop living the high life defending Calcutta.

31 planes in the destroyed on field tally, this means that I think we actually did get the Junyo this time.
This does mean that we will have to call the Yorktown back to pearl for a replenishment mission, but with the Lexington only a couple of days out from Wake, she can take over the island watching detail for a while.

I take a quick look at the pilots list, and get a surprise.

Three pilots on 11 kills? And two of them serving with the 67th? Only Baker of the VF-42 squadron is holding it up for the Yanks at this time. - and he's stationed on the Yorktown.
The 67th is sent to Chittagong, and should be there tomorrow to meet the enemies daily raids.