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War in the Pacific

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Part 149: Operational Report: 04/05/42

More torpedo woes.

The The Invasion force reaches Shortlands, and get another visit from the inept Lily bombers.

Then they get a visit from the much more skilled carrier based bombers.

This is not good timing for us, we have nothing to meet this in the area, and these ships could cause all sorts of damage. We've lost a ship already.
The attacking force unloads their troops on the shore.

Eniwetock sees a raid, but this is from a new direction.

The airfield is wrecked, but we only have a few scout planes in the area.
Wake, now without fighter protection, sees another raid.

I'm going to have to move these ships out now, I can't afford to lose any more cruisers needlessly.

The Chittagong raid today is massive, with seventy planes seen in the air.

The damage is fairly light, and we do get three of the attackers for the loss of one of our planes, but if they continue to hit us with these numbers, we're going to need some more fighters in the area.

Our own raid is pitiful by comparison, and totally ineffective ¿ but at least no planes were damaged.

We take the undefended base of Loyang in the north of China.

I have to stop mentioning our good luck streaks when it comes to not losing ships, as once more, the the day after I mention it, we lose one.

At Shortlands, we only have 500 Japanese soldiers to face.

I'm still waiting for the men at Guadalcanal to advance the 40 miles to the new enemy positions. Only 2 miles left, but its been a long trek. Then I need to get some ships in to invade Tulagi.

In fact, I'm going to send some Americans from Fiji over there now, just so that they can do something.