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Part 175: Operational Report: 30/05/42

The Sailfish makes yet another unsuccessful torpedo attack off the coast of Japan.

There is a fifth invasion attempt at Pakhoi, which sees the same results as the previous ones.

Bomber return to Chihkiang, we damage a good number of them, but again get no kills.

Kiukiang ticks over.

And Sinyang flares back into life.

We suffer a major reversal in the north when the Japanese hit our 18,000 men with a force of 54,000 .

The task force that the two British carriers were harassing yesterday today meets the might of the Royal Navy.

The big guns of the battleships Ramillies and Resolution make short work of the troopships, leaving thousands dead in the water or trapped in the hulls of the ships as they sink beneath the waves.
Not to be outdone, and now with the Swordfish properly ordered the carrier send in their planes. Their target is a second task force that comes in after the battleships have left.

They seem to be supply ships, but they are valuable kills. They then return for another force in the afternoon, but with less success.

Not that I should complain, we've really put a dent in Japanese ship numbers today.
This does seem to insense the Japanese troops, who assault our troops landing, capturing a large number of them.

Denpasar is raided again, we get tentative news that one of the carriers may be the Akagi.

The Gar puts a fish into the side of a supply ship near the Marianas islands.

Wake is raided by the Shoho at nearly visual range. The enemy having gotten their carrier that close to the island.

Once more, the Japanese raid our supply bases. Why those Hurricanes are not in the air I have no idea, but I'll look into it.

Just so that they are not completely forgotten, there are still some units fighting in the Philippines, but this is a daily raid, which causes little damage.
I am surprised that the Japanese have not rolled up these last remaining bases.

Ignoring the losses in China and Guadalcanal, this has been a fantastic day for us, as we add sixteen ships to our list of kills, and drown two thousand Japanese soldiers.

The two British carriers will hang around to try and get some more kills, then head back to rearm.