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Part 179: Operational Report: 03/06/42

The Gar has its second dud torpedoes in two days.

This is followed by a third as she attacks the same ship once more, this time using six torpedoes. It seems that the captain wants to get rid of all of his stock, so he can pick up some hopefully less defective ones.

Cooktown is raided once more, and we lose a couple of planes on the ground. Time to see if I have some spare fighters anywhere.

Still the Chinese fighters try in vain to bring down one of the bombers that constantly attack them.

Something goes horribly wrong with the Japanese attack at Kiukiang today. Much to my delight.

While Kiafeng continues to come under attack.

Although for the number of men involved, this is not a very forceful attack.
Near Anking, our attack continues to make ground.

Shortlands is under attack by enemy bombers again, but the damage is minimal.

We still control one part of Java, where the enemy have been bombarding and “Unloading troops” for two weeks now. They get a mention today because they come under attack by planes thought to be from the Akagi.

While near the Admiralty islands, planes from the Hiryu are spotted.

Another okay day, for some reason the Japanese score has dropped by two hundred points, but that's nothing really, when you're dealing with 25,000.
I have nothing much to talk about again today, I'm moving more troops to Pearl Harbour as a staging point, but for now, most of my men are committed to attacks in various areas.