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Part 181: Operational Report: 05/06/42

The long feared day has come, the third invasion of Wake is occurring right now.

We knew this would happen, but its still going to be painful to watch. The enemy support their invasion with more air raids, but by now the runway is little more than another stretch of craters on this tiny island.

Then comes a surprise, the enemy, after losing hundreds of men storming ashore, suddenly decide to call off their invasion an rembark onto their ships. It seems that we get to spend another day in control of Wake.

The planes of Chihkiang once more take to the air, they disrupt the bombing runs, but still fail to bring down any Imperial planes.

The enemy attack at Kuikiang comes apart nicely today.

As does their attempts at Shaohing.

Although I wish I could say the same about their attack at Kaifeng.

The Japanese raid Calcutta again today, this time hitting one of the supply convoys in the harbour. We lose three ships as the Hurricanes continue their ineffectiveness, the decision to augment them with the crack 67th squadron has now been made.

The Banshees claim themselves another kill today. A nice troop transport comes under attack, although it seems to have been mostly empty.

The other squadron also finds itself a target, and put their bombs into it.

While the Japanese have a carrier in the area who wast their time bombing an empty airfield.

A mixed day, we sink some ships, and they break our nine day streak of no ship losses. Although the Japanese fail to recognize theirs.
In Fiji, I start planning to send some men to Guadalcanal.

I'm moving some warships to Fiji to support this invasion, and as this is the only place in the region that has any fuel, I'm shipping some back to Sydney.
With a general lack of fuel in the Anzac region, there is little I can do by give Asset Tracking some bad news.

She's still out there.