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Part 183: Operational Report: 07/06/42

The Air war over China takes a turn for the worse for us, as not only do we fail to get any kills, but the bombers actually catch some of our planes on the ground!

This is pretty much the first air combat report of the day, every day, for the last two weeks. And you had fighters on the ground? What muppets are running that airbase?

Kaifeng sees some heavy fighting once more, but this is one of the few places that the Japanese can sustain these casualties.

Up near the edge of the Gobi Desert, the Japanese take base with a large force of troops who must have been shipped into Tientsin.

We've not seen 30,000 men here before, so these must be troops redirected from the rest of the theatre. My Chinese offensive is working!

After a few days rest, the men assaulting Hong Kong kick off their attack again, and manage to reduce the enemies fortifications. This brings us one step closer to taking the city for the glory of China.

Then we can give it back to the British, who still have about 70 years left on their lease.

Our Banshee's get another troop ship today. Once more I take political heat for what is the destruction of large numbers of enemy ships. You'd think the politicians would listen to me when I tell them they don't need a dive bomber to protect Chicago.

While the second squadron goes after the Myoko again.

The enemy have moved another carrier, thought to be the Hiryu into the area.

Its nice of intelligence to keep letting us know who these planes belong to. How they can tell I have no idea.

The great fuel shortage continues to throttle my operations. Only china continues to lift my spirits at not being able to bring the war to the enemy.
Although I do love those dive bombers.
I get new sin the ops report that Iwo Jima now has a working airfield. This is something we may one day be able to use to our advantage.

The Japanese are moving many men to the city of Akyab, most likely as a prelude to an invasion of India by their forces.

farraday posted:

Oh and I beg to report that the Reports from January 1st through 5th also are from a previous play though, probably again because of the laptop issue.

PacCom notes this deficit, and hereby provides the correct (hopefully) combat files.
PacCom will also endevor to provide the months reports as part of the Monthly update.