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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 194: Operational Report: 18/06/42

The Chinese pilots take to the air again, this time to the PacCom madated music of “Catch the Pigeon.”

After their weekly rest, the Japanese continue to assault the blasted ruins of Sinyang and the brave defenders entrenched within.

The Imperial 104th Division has been pursuing these base forces north now for weeks, but today they manage to hold them.

Opposite Canton, the enemy make a assault of the forces they have spent most of the war bombarding, and quickly remember why they don't make frontal attacks.

I think the commander must get monthly messages from high command to be more aggressive, make a token attack, and then settle back down.

Our attack at Anking goes well, although it seems like the enemy are moving some of their forces out of the area. (Asset Tracking may correct me on this.)

We take some losses at Hong Kong, but chew our way through another layer of fortifications.

I'm going to have to keep up the pressure, as the enemy seem to be able to dig new trenches as quickly as I'm taking them at this time.

Having moved north, but failed to find any of the ships reported yesterday, the British carriers strike at the airbases of Guadalcanal.

On the ground, our forces have settled into a nice pattern, they can kill up to a hundred Japanese soldiers a day, but are not taking any losses.

Its slow, but its effective.

Not the most thrilling of days, but we're getting through them. Our forces are slowly getting stronger, while the enemy use up their precious fuel supplies.

Only a few more days, and I should have enough fuel around to make some more offensive moves.