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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 195: Operational Report: 19/06/42

The Japanese try invasion number six of Pakhoi.

While the “Vulture Squadron” continue to ineffectively attack the Japanese bombers.

Shaohing continues to see Japanese shock attacks.

We continue our attacks at Anking, but will have to pause for a while to allow our men to reorganise.

We also begin attacking the enemy forces at Tsinkiang.

Hong Kong continues to go well, although its going to take months to break the enemy at this rate.

In the north, we retake some empty land from the Imperial Army.

The enemy are continuously bombing Eniwetok, I just don't report this type of bombing day after day.

Then again, I don't want the defenders to go unrecognised for to long.

Once more, I would like to admonish the people who were badmouth those prides of the British Navy, the Swordfish and Albacore bombers.

Another solid strike on a Japanese cruiser, and the sinking of a transport mean that they prove their doubters wrong once more.

Although they are a little less successful on the return attack, but the Nachi is still burning, confirming the morning hit.
Although the crews do report the ship as a Tone class and a Takeo class cruiser in the same attack.

Another good day, the two British carriers have proven them useful once more, although we only get the freighter today.
At Port Moresby, I finally withdraw one of the Hurricane squadrons that have been held there for ages now. I have another hurricane and three P40 squadrons now. I also let the dive bombers go as I have replacement squadron now. This squadron of ten planes is larger than the three planes the two veteran squadrons can put into the air.
These squadrons have done good work, but its time for them to get some rest.