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Part 198: Operational Report: 22/06/42

We start the day with two of our ships making depth charge attacks on a Japanese sub near Pearl Harbour.

We have no idea if we damaged her, but it feels good to be dishing out the damage.

The new Banshee squadron makes its first attack at the regions most hated ship, the cruiser Myoko.

We get another hit, but nothing we do to this ship seems to be able to remove her from the theatre. So we try again.

I get reports of severe casualties from a bomb that lands on the deck, and two penetrations of the ships armour. This leaves the ship burning.

At Denpasar, the Akagi is still hanging around.

We also see planes from the Kaga, who has been out of action for a long time, but not sunk its seems.

We also have reports of planes form the Shoho in the hex next to Denpasar, but I missed the screenshot.
This puts three carriers in the area, a major concentration of Japanese ships.

Our own carriers are making their home bound raid on Luganville, hopefully giving me a good idea of what the current troop numbers are like.

The Imperial Air Force are trying to bomb Pakhoi, this seems to be instead of throwing men away on the beaches and then withdrawing the next day.

Another assault on Hengyang, this one goes better for the veteran troops trying to defend the city. I need to move some men into this area to stop this force advancing into my rear.

At Tsinkiang, we force the Japanese back with heavy losses, retaking the city.

I think its time to rest the troops at Hong Kong, as today's attack was a little lacklustre.

The number of Japanese bases is starting to fall slowly, and now its time to start planning to really start reducing this number.

To start with, a lot of the troops from Canton Island are being redirected to Baker Island. This has drained Canton of supplies, but I'm going to resupply that.

At Suva, the 32nd Infantry division, along with the 2nd and 7th Marines and the 24th Infantry regiment begin planning for Guadalcanal.
The 148th infantry and 5th Marine regiments begin planning for the Ellice Islands, which I'm sure are empty but are in a position to threaten Fiji.

I then move to Sydney, where I begin planning for an offensive on Buna. This will need the battleships that are still active, so won't kick off until the Prince of Wales arrives. But I've not seen any Bettys in the area, so the (hopefully) only threat would be enemy battleships.

I'm going to bypass the two islands the enemy have garrisoned, their not worth any points, so I'm not going to waste any lives taking them, and once I'm moving north, those men will run out of supplies quickly.

This is a number of smaller units, but it gives us 400AV against three units reported in the area. With carrier support, this should be an effective assault.

At Pearl Harbour, I start planning for an attack on Tarawa. This base is between the Marshall Islands and Baker island, and its worth 128 points to the Japanese. But it should be far enough from the Marshall islands to prevent the enemy from bombing the invasion force. Once the carriers are online, we should be fine.

I think.

Well, that's a lot of planning to wait for, so it will be a few weeks before I can start loading. But we're getting closer to an offensive.
Names for the operation will be accepted.