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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 199: Operational Report: 23/06/42

Once again I have to question both our pilots and Intelligence, as they seem to have completely missed both the Kinugasa and the battleship Nagato.

We take heavy losses from the bombardment. The loss of the fighters and the Banshees are going to hurt the most.
We then see the burning Myoko steaming away towards somewhere for repairs.

Our carriers continue to stike at Luganville on their way home.

I'm just showing this to further rub it in to the detractors of British planes.

The Japanese really get their act together at Eniwetok, forming a raid from three separate locations to hit at once.

Sinyang flares up once more, and we hammer them back down.

We do the same in Shaohing when they try it on with our forces there as well.

Plan Plan Plan, Plot Plot Plot.
There not much more to say.