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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 208: Operational Report: 02/07/42

The Japanese continue to try and get submarines near pearl – today they make an attack on one of the many patrol ships, but miss and are hounded away.

The Japanese try another raid on our advancing troops, but once more, we have a plane in the air to stop them.

The single plane and the flack from the ground break up the attack.

Smithforce is hit hard today, and forced to retreat to the north with heavy losses.

The carriers make a strike at Gudalcanal, but cause only minimal damage to the installations there.

Shaohing sees some more combat today.

While at Anking, the reinforced Chinese forces, now numbering 111,000 men, strike hard at the Japanese defenders.

They overwhelm the defenders, and send them retreating backwards, many thousands of Japanese soldiers are killed or wounded, and some are even captured by the Chinese attackers.

The losses of Smithforce are balanced out by the victory at Anking, where we have now punched a hole in the centre of the Japanese lines, and are now ready to advance deeper into China to begin the Liberation!

The build up to Cerberus continues. Soon, the Japanese will feel what it feels like to be on the receiving end of an offensive.