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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 235: Operational Report: 29/07/42

More submarine woes in the Indian Sea. This time we lose a troop transport to a prowling sub.

While the Imperial Air Force tries to support their ground troops. A single fighter disrupts their raid, and they do no damage to our troops.

The Banshee's take another crack at the Yamato, but fail to get any bombs in.

But they go out again in the afternoon, and this time another 1000lbs of explosives is delivered to its rightful owner.

At Lunga, the Japanese get their carriers right in close before bombing the empty airfield.

Up in the north of China, the Japanese try to take Taiyuan, but are beaten back.

Keep on soaking up those bombs Mr Yamato, one of them is going to do some damage.

Nothing much more to say. Ships are moving, troops are marching or resting, and our numbers slowly swell.

We're about due a disaster I'd say.