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by Grey Hunter

Part 239: Operational Report: 02/08/42

I'm amazed to see this appear on my screen as the first thing of this turn.

Not only does the torpedo work, but it penitrates the belt armour and slams into the engine room of the Ise. that's another crippled battleship to add to the list.

There is another raid on Chittagong, causing more damage and losing us some planes and ships.

They return in the afternoon to continue to pound this fleet.

The waves keep coming, there is another raid that misses its target, then another that is successful.

The men moving on Akyab start up their attacks again today, although there is only some sporadic fighting.

We see yet another failed assualt at Sinyang.

To the north of Anking, the part of the army I detached finally attacks the Japanese forces in the area.

I so want that battleship to be crippled. Even if she can make it back to port with engine damage, its going to be a long time before we see her again.

She's listed as killed, and I suppose that there is a chance of that, but for now I'm going to assume she's out of action.