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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 247: Operational Report: 10/08/42

We suffer another submarine attack on our valuable fuel in between Perth and Sydney.

The raid on Akyab by the Fulmars is inconclusive today, as neither side scores any kills.

The P40's have more luck, finding a lone Nate and shooting it down. They they get out of there before its mates arrive.

On the defensive, the Fulmars have more luck, bringing down another Betty.

Another pointless attack on our forces across the river from Canton. This one is beaten back as normal.

That was a dull day. There mere more raids than this of course, but they are the standard attacks on Eniwetok and Shortlands, they only ever damage the runway, so I never bother reporting them.

I do have some good news – the carriers have arrived at Sydney – and they have not drained all the fuel in the city!

This means that I can start loading troops for the assault on Buna.

I'm not messing around with this one, They will of course get carrier support. Although I now only have 24 days until the Royal Navy want the Formidable off me!