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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 260: Operational Report: 23/08/42

Australia is fast becoming the favourite hunting grounds for the Japanese subs, its to large a area for me to patrol.

The Sailfish continues to have no luck around Japan, missing with her torpedoes then having to run from a patrol boat.

The Enemy continue to push forward at Nanking. I'm not sure if we can hold them long term, but Nanking is less important than taking and holding Shanghai.

The Japanese return to Eniwetok, and come in amongst the wrecks of their previous assaults.

Our artillery men have begun to target the ships carrying the troops now, knowing that we can deal with the landing troops easily.

Amazingly, the Japanese still have troops left on the island at the end of the day, despite losing another thousand men coming ashore.

The force unloading at Buna gets attacked by the Imperial Air force once more. But the P40's quickly deal with them.

The Banshee's hit another unloading freighter, leaving it burning.

The 25th Division once more pushes up to blunt our attack on Anking, this is an annoying tactic, but costs them a good number of troop.

When will the Japanese learn not to attack Eniwetok? This is going to cost them a whole load more men.

Not much planning to do today, once more, we have no info on the Japanese carriers.