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Part 262: Operational Report: 25/08/42

The Japanese continue to unload troops off at Eniwetok, and we continue to put shells into their ships, today its thought we did some serious engine damage.

The Halibut joins the long list of subs that lose a high profile target to dud torpedoes.

The Banshee's see our second heavy cruiser of the day, but cannot get a hit on her.

While the Japanese at Buna are not attacking our forces, and settling on bombarding them. This causes only a few casualties, and will do me until the reinforcements arrive.

I was worried that the Japanese had lost interest in taking Sinyang. Today they get back on track for their goal of creating a lost generation in China.

Shaohing sees some action today as well, with some minor losses to both sides.

A lull turn, but with the first wave of Buna bound reinforcements on their way, its not going to stay quiet for long – especially with those forces closing on Shanghai.

The 32nd Infantry Division is now halfway loaded at Suva. So they should be shipping out in the next few days.