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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 270: Operational Report: 02/09/42

The Japanese continue to unload at Eniwetok. We on the other hand continue to put shells into their ever decreasing stock of transports.

Once more, the Japanese forces re-embark rather than continue landing men onto this hell hole.

More sub on sub actions, today its our S-27 that gets lucky.

The Japanese catch yet another supply convoy with those deadly Betty bombers.

Another wave comes in, and we lose more ships. There is really no way of stopping these attacks, but this is the only way to get supplies into Calcutta, and from there to the front.

The older bombers in the region go for Chittagong, but the raid is pretty much a none event.

Covering our troops costs us a Hurricane, but once more prevent any damage being done to the men on the ground.

The Shoho is spotted today. Those men in Java are great for tying up the enemies carriers, as well as giving us good information.

The Japanese don't attack them, but they've been under siege longer than the men at Eniwetok.

Our own carriers continue to take your mockery and turn it into pure awesomeness.

Reports from the pilots tell us that there is severe flooding and engine damage to the enemy ship. The torpedo has caused critical damage to the Yamashiro.

The next wave of troops arrives at Buna, and we take some heavy losses as they come ashore.

More death and destruction at Sinyang.

We are also making some progress with the clean up at Hong Kong. The enemy are holding out well wile being attacked by six times their numbers.

But we are making ground, there is once more division that's not going to worry us.

More lost ships are added to our tally. We're losing a lot at the moment, but at least we have a hit on the Yamashiro to make up for it. I'm going to send the carriers eastwards a bit to see if we can follow that up with a killer strike.

The invasion of Tarawa is now being loaded, here are the troops that are going to invade the island, before moving up the chain.

They are being loaded onto a 65 ship task force, with four battleships ready to provide support. The bombardment of this island should be something to witness.

Of course, we also have the two carrier groups up and ready.

More men heading to Enitwetok. The poor fools.