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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 277: Operational Report: 09/09/42

Having nothing to bomb in Chittagong, the enemy move to bombing Cox's Bazar.

The attack on Akyab goes horribly wrong, it seems that the Intel reports were, once more, horribly wrong. 0 troops real mean 48,000 troops.

We lose a quarter of our men in the attack, and this really puts our advance south on hold.

Another attack on Buna, more Lily bombers are shot down. They really should start escorting these raids.

We take Buna, the Japanese forces are shattered and forced to retreat into the mountains. Less than half the defenders make it out of the city.

Another Shaohing attack today, its beaten back like all of the others.

There is a major attack at Anyang, as mentioned in yesterdays Intel reports. With the enemies super stack of 90,000 men, there is little we can do to stop them.

For a short turn, that was bloody, nearly thirty thousand casualties in one day in three areas. We have exchanged bases and will have to put our advance south on hold until we can get more men into the area.

I've replaced the lost pilots on the British carriers, and have now got to wait for the planes themselves to be replaced. At Buna, I've ordered some of the men to advance north to push towards Salamaua.

At Hong Kong, our men have had a few days rest, are now fully resupplied and ready to take another crack at securing the city.

The enemy are planning to move on both of these locations. Two divisions will be moving to Salamaua. This is going to make thing interesting, but I can always bypass them if it comes to it.