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Part 291: Operational Report: 23/09/42

The British carriers have moved off towards Port Moresby, and get a prize today.

Two torpedoes into a Japanese cruiser, that's something I'll take. I'd prefer carriers, but with the number of planes in the air yesterday, that would have been suicide.

Case in point.

The Japanese return to bombing Cox's Bazar.

A flight of Japanese bombers ignores our ships today and plasters the ground forces on the island.

Minor losses, and far preferable to losing a ship and her crew.

Another undefended city, this time Kweiteh, is reclaimed by our forces, cutting the supply line to the Japanese forces in Sinyang!

Our first wave of troops arrive at Canton, and make an attack, but the enemy fortifications are to strong. The rest of our forces will need to arrive to move this along at any speed.

We seem to be gaining on the enemy at about 100 points a day, so only about 90 days or so before we catch up with the Japanese, if this continues at this pace.

I've ordered a deliberate attack for Luganville tomorrow, to see what kind of defenses we're looking at.

Saros posted:

One thing oddly enough that you should always try to hit is Jap CA/CL. On the official forums somewhere I read the imperial navy starts with 18 Cruisers and gets no replacements/new ships.
I'm probably horribly wrong somewhere though as i'm no expert at this game.

How was today for you?