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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 296: Operational Report: 28/09/42

The Japanese subs are back around Ceylon.

Cox's Bazar continues to see raids by those Betty's. But there is little there to destroy.

Those reinforcements arrive at Akyab, and I try our luck, but the Japanese are still to strong. Its a bloody hard day fighting, but the Japanese come out on top.

Those Lillys should really stay at home.

We don't get so lucky at Ocean Island.

The deliberate attacks defiantly seem to be the way to go, as we continue to reduce the defenders at Luganville.

We continue to clear up the southern coast of China, reclaiming Ningpo today and routing the Japanese defenders.

Another fairly quiet day, we're now withing 8,500 points of the Japanese, and gaining on them fast. At the end of the month, I'm going to have to try and make a rate of gain graph to show how our points have changed over the year.

The advances in China will begin to slow now, as I'm having to use more and more troops to hold the land we're taking – Shanghai itself is taking up 900AV of troops.

The Ships at Ocean island are finally on their way home now, and we've got lots of damaged cruisers. Hopefully they'll all make it back – the Battleships are nearly at Pearl. Once everyone has returned, I'll plan the next attack. By the time the ships are all repaired, the planning should be complete.