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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 304: Operational Report: 06/10/42

The daily attacks on Cox's Bazar continue.

Over Japan, our B25's make another run, this time at a higher height, they drive off the only fighter in the area, but again are unable to cause any damage to their targets.

Darwin sees another day of battle in the skies, one we come out marginally on top of.

But once more, a bomber squadron comes in unescorted, and takes losses because of it.

Betty bombers are seen over Tarawa, making an attack on a small convoy of ships unloading there.

These ships will be carrying the fighters I ordered to defend our newly conquered airspace. Two more raids come in, but neither can land a hit on our ships.

Planes from the Kaga attack Shortlands.

I hope this carrier hangs around enough for Operation Castration to begin.

After their good day yesterday, the Japanese attack on Sinyang today is a disaster for them.

The fighting at Nanking is a stalemate.

We make good ground at Canton today, hopefully as we deplete the enemy, this will speed up.

We eliminate a tenth of the Japanese forces at Luganville today.

The Japanese seem to have taken offensive to Darwin, but at least we're holding them for now. I hope this is not the precursor to an invasion. Once more though, I have little more to mention, except I am scouring India for troops to support our attack on Anking.