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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 309: Operational Report: 11/10/42

We lose another ship to prowling Japanese Submarines off the Australian coast.

At Darwin, I've adjusted the height of our fighters, moving them up about 5,000 feet in their patrol height. This has an immediate effect today as they get the drop on the attacking Japanese planes and slaughter them without loss.

Its amazing what a small adjustment can do. I'll now double check the CAP on the carriers to make sure they have some height.

The Japanese continue to unload troops at Pamekasan, why they haven't just steamrollered the approximately one man and his sick dog defending the place is beyond me, they are losing hundreds of men in these amphibious operations.


Why is it I can blow up the AKL's, but anything of value is a dud magnate?

Damnation! These Japanese subs seem to have the same attraction to valuable targets that our dud torpedoes have!

Cox's Bazar receives its visits from the Japanese, they continue to bring bombs, even though we have all that we want now.

The Japanese construction workers at Luganville surrender in their droves.

Our Chinese offensive continues, and we take another city from the Japanese, driving the Imperial army back once more.

The offensive at Kiukiang was unwise, for while we do have the advantage in numbers, the city now has level 5 fortifications.

Well, we know not to do that again. Not with an adjusted defense of 20,000!
Up near Mongolia we take another remote base.

Well, Kiukiang is off the attack list, and I'm going to move 20,000 men out towards the front, as we can be assured that the Japanese won't attack here with equal numbers, but we can use these men to shift the balance of power further in China.

The killing of 17 enemy panes is a dam good showing as well. The carriers have now been adjusted to the same height. Luganville is now under our complete control after the surrender of the last of the Japanese forces. The Men there are now planning for an attack on Naru Island, as it is an easy southern target for us.

Operation Castration is going into effect today, as the American Carriers are moving north from Suva after refueling. Unfortunately the Illustrious cannot help, as she has not received replacements for her aircraft.

Planning on an attack on Pamekasan eh? Something you should have done months ago, rather than wasting all that fuel and manpower on bombing it.