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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 338: Operational Report: 09/11/42

The Albacore takes on a freighter north of Truk, and leaves her burning and with little chance of making it home.

Finding no escorts, she then makes another attack, leaving another ship in the same state.

The Lily's take on our ships at Milne Bay again – these ships are waiting to pick up the troops there again for the next invasion, on the planning phase has finished.

The battle at Guadalcanal gets bloodier, the Japanese seem to have dug in well at their beaches and surrounding jungle.

The clean up at Rossel Island is going to take a week or two it seems.

More raids seen above Cox's Bazar. We pepper them with flak, and they cause little damage.

Deep in Burma, the 70th Indian Division reaches Katha, and start to attack the few Japanese forces in the area.

The soldiers at Dutch Harbour looks to be in trouble, so I'll have to find some troops to send there to retake the base. I don't want the Japanese to have any bragging rights for holding American soil.

West of Nanking, we attack some Japanese forces we find, and break through their defences and destroy a number of their squads.

To the north east, we counter attack at Kaingtu, and start to break through their defensive lines.

North of Foochow, on the south coast, we also begin to attack the Japanese defenders there, after spending a few months replenishing our men.

Further north, another probing attack locates a large force of Japanese soldiers, so I need to send reinforcements there at some point.

Mixed results in China today as I try a load of attacks in areas that have been long static, and I think I've found some likely targets for continued advances.
We gain two ships from the start of the year, and one of the Albacore's kills.

I've transferred planes from Port Moresby to Milne Bay and Rossel Island, to help protect the ships there – those Lily's are going to get lucky at some point.