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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 363: Operational Report: 04/12/42

The Hake comes in to attack a Japanese troop carrier. She puts three torpedoes into her, two of which are duds, and then rakes the ship with her deck machine gun.

We see more Lily's over Terapo, but they continue to be unable to hit our ships.

Guadalcanal sees another day of heavy combat, this is going to be a slug fest.

The carrier Tarawa takes several hundred more hits and still refuses to go down.

There is another wave of enemy attack Kiangtu, and we beat them back as normal.

South of Chuhsien, the Japanese attack our forces once more, the forces are fairly equal, but once more the terrain works in our advantage.

The Japanese seem to have abandoned Suchow, so we retake it today without a fight.

We also wipe out the defenders of Foochow by attrition.

Dutch Harbor finally falls today. - and see that cloud there right next to the port? That's the reinforcements. They will now have to make an amphibious landing to retake the island.

As we rest our troops in Burma and ready the troops to retake Dutch Harbor, I get a report from a very scared looking member of intelligence.

The Kongo, the ship that will not die.
I also see where the Japanese troops have gone who took Suchow.

The troops in Tsingtao are going to get very busy soon.
The Enterprise is now on her way back to Pearl Harbor, so that's a good thing.

The last thing I do is to replace a whole load of the commanders at Akyab, as I've been building the forces up slowly, I failed to check every general, so 10 men get promotions and 10 get demotions, the next wave of attacks should cost us less men.
I hope.